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For 2020 the all-new YZ450F comes with less weight, more power and sharper handling, making it the most competitive 450cc model that Yamaha has ever produced.

In order to create a motocross bike that can race and win at every level against the toughest opposition, Yamaha's engineers have analysed every single component and made a wide range of major and minor improvements wherever possible.

As a result of this intensive part-by-part analysis the entire motorcycle has been subject to an extensive redesign, and the team of engineers has succeeded in achieving significant

More powerful and compact new 450cc engine

Already renowned for its enormous power output, the YZ450F engine has been thoroughly redesigned for 2020 to deliver stronger and more controllable performance. The new engine is significantly more compact and lighter, and the revised configuration enhances the bike's mass centralised design to make it one of the easiest-handling open class motocross machines.

Featuring a high compression reverse cylinder head as well as a durable forged piston and aggressive cam profiles, the compact new 450cc engine is designed to deliver the best balance of race-winning performance together with ultimate controllability.

All-new rearward-slanted cylinder

One of the key engine improvements for 2020 is the new rearward-slanted cylinder that is both lighter and more compact. Because this innovative design is positioned closer to the bike's mid-section it helps to achieve an idealised mass centralisation, and this contributes enormously towards the YZ450F's dynamic handling characteristics.

The new rearward-slanting cylinder is equipped with a high compression bridge-box design piston, and together with the high-efficiency reverse cylinder head with its long and straight inlet, this industry leading design produces a fine balance of 450-class power combined with exceptional controllability.

Yamaha Power Tuner

The Yamaha YZ450F was the first motocross bike with inbuilt connectivity, that enables remote wireless tuning using a smartphone, and the 2020 model continues to lead the field in terms of digital technology.

By downloading the free Power Tuner app for IOS or Android devices, YZ450F riders or mechanics can easily adjust the fuel/air mix and ignition timing to set the bike up for different tracks and changing riding conditions. This feature makes the 2020 YZ450F the most adaptable motocross machine that can be tuned instantly at the trackside, enabling its rider to master a wide range of surfaces and weather conditions.

In addition to its engine re-mapping function, the Power Tuner app can also record race login formation and monitor a range of data, including system diagnosis, engine run time and more, making it an indispensable part of every rider's toolkit.

Handlebar-mounted adjustable mapping switch

After pre-programming the 2020 YZ450F with the Power Tuner in the paddock, there's a handlebar mounted mapping switch that enables the rider to select the map of their choice. This simple on-the fly adjustment allows instant mapping changes to suit changing track or weather conditions, from a super-aggressive map for fast dry tracks to a more useable map on muddy surfaces.

Compact electric starter

The new 450 engine is equipped with a compact and lightweight electric starter that gives pushbutton convenience and saves valuable seconds when restarting under pressure during a race. Powered by a high capacity four-cell lithium-ion battery, it keeps the 2020 YZ450F's weight down to aminimum.

Launch Control System

The YZ450F's Launch Control System (LCS) optimizes the engine's power output and running characteristics during the first few seconds of the race after the gate drops. By helping to transmit power more efficiently, the LCS gives greater controllability and traction off the line, increasing the rider's holeshot-winning performance and giving a real advantage in the crucial charge to the first corner.

Advanced fuel injection system

The compact new engine is equipped with a highly advanced Mikuni® fuel injection system that features a light and ultra-compact 44mm throttle body. Delivering the fuel/air mix via a long and straight forward facing inlet, this advanced fuel injection system benefits from a high pressure electric pump that ensures optimum automisation for excellent running performance in a wide range of riding conditions.

High efficiency angled radiators

To ensure that the new more powerful engine runs efficiently in all conditions, Yamaha's engineers have developed enhanced radiators that are angled to directly face the incoming air. By maintaining a consistent airflow, this angled radiator layout delivers more effective engine cooling for winning performance.

Robust 5-speed transmission

The YZ450F's robust 5-speed transmission is built to handle even the most aggressive left foot. The specially-developed gears feature a large surface area that spread the load, and together with an updated clutch this delivers high levels of durability - while the shift drum and selectors are designed to give improved feel and a shorter stroke when shifting gear.

Mass-centralised wraparound exhaust

A key feature of the YZ450F is its mass centralised design, in which major components are located as close to the bike's centre of gravity as possible. One example of this is the wraparound exhaust that snakes around the cylinder, and this design also enables the fitment of a muffler that is mounted further forwards and closer to the bike's centre.

Combined with the new rearward-slanted cylinder, this centralises the mass which contributes significantly towards achieving lightweight and dynamic handling performance.

Lighter aluminium frame for sharper handling

The YZ450F is already regarded as being one of the best handling bikes in the open class, and for 2020 the compact aluminium frame has been carefully retuned to match the new more powerful engine.

To reduce weight and fine tune the bike's instinctive handling performance, the new bilateral frame features thinner main spars together with thicker down tubes and new engine mounts. These significant changes - together with the mass centralized design and class-leading suspension - help to deliver even sharper handling for reduced lap times.

Slimline body and seat

The YZ450F's compact fuel tank and radiator shrouds as well as the slim seat not only enhance rider mobility and enable an effective knee grip, they also underline the bike's feeling and impression of lightness and maneuvrability to give the rider a psychological advantage before the race even starts.

By enabling the rider to shift their body weight quickly and easily, the ergonomic design helps to improve controllability and reduce fatigue.

Industry-leading suspension systems

The YZ450F is equipped with fully adjustable coil spring KYB® forks that are widely regarded as being the ultimate in off road suspension design. Featuring speed sensitive damping that gives the idealised balance between handling and bump absorption, these exceptional front forks deliver best-in-class performance.

The fully-adjustable link-type rear end features a specially tuned KYB® shock that delivers high levels of traction together with smooth suspension action at low and high speeds, giving exceptional handling in a range of track conditions.

Lightweight wheels

Featuring factory-bike style blue anodised rims, the wheels have been refined using computer aided design to create a lighter design for lower unsprung weight, while maintaining their renowned durability.

Uprated brakes

A more rigid front caliper with an aggressive pad material works with the 270mm front disc for outstanding braking performance, while a new lightweight rear caliper and new rear disc reduce unsprung weight.

YZ450F Technical Highlights

  • Ultra-compact new 450cc engine, increased power with total control
  • Lighter and more compact rearward-slanted cylinder
  • Mass centralised design
  • Yamaha Power Tuner for instant track-side tuning via a smartphone
  • Handlebar switch for easily adjustable mapping
  • Compact electric starter with ultra-light battery
  • Launch Control System (LCS) optimises engine output for quicker starts
  • Advanced fuel injection system for optimum power
  • Angled radiators ensure effective engine cooling
  • Robust transmission and clutch for positive shifting
  • Compact mass-centralised wraparound exhaust
  • Forward mounted muffler
  • Lighter aluminium bilateral frame delivers sharper handling
  • Slimline body and seat for ultimate ergonomics
  • Class-leading KYB® coil spring-type speed sensitive front suspension
  • Link-type rear suspension with specially-tuned KYB® shock
  • Lightweight wheels with blue rims270mm front disc with uprated caliper aggressive pad material
  • New rear disc and more compact caliper4-position adjustable rubber-mounted handlebar clamp
  • Embedded graphics give extended durability
  • Tapered aluminium handlebars with quick-adjust clutch perch
  • Wider and lighter footrests

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